Thanks to Incredible Photo Recovery Software For Recovering my wedding pictures

Photos are the best way to walk down to memory lane. We click photographs of our memorable moments like wedding, birthday, anniversary, tour, etc. But, do you know that digital photos are prone to get lost if the memory card (that is containing those pictures) gets corrupt? Well, something like this happened to me when I lost my precious wedding photos due to memory card corruption. However, thanks to specialized digital photo recovery software by which I recovered all my photos just in few minutes.

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Let me narrate the whole incident in detail. Just few days after our wedding, we found that photos were still there at the two memory cards as we haven't transferred them to our computers. So, to transfer them, I attached the first memory card to my computer through the card reader. Alas! found that it was corrupt and was not able to show the stored images! Worried! Attached the second memory card and found that it too was suffering from the same issue. However, I was not totally broken as I was having third-party photo recovery software on my computer. Immediately I attached the memory card to the computer and started the recovery process through this software. The software took around two and half hours to scan the corrupt memory card but with no luck. It could not recover any usable files!

I got really scared as those images were really very precious for me and I could not afford to lose them. Furiously, I started searching over the internet for some proficient photo recovery software and got Stellar Photo Recovery tool. Initially, I downloaded the free demo version of this software and attached my first memory card (which was slightly corrupt) to my computer and started recovery through this application. Wow! In just 10 minutes, the software scanned the memory card and showed me the preview of all the deleted images. Since, this card was not severely corrupt so I thought that software could easily handle the small corruptions, so, to check the reliability of the software, I scanned the second memory card (which was highly corrupt). Boom! The content of that card too was recovered in just 15 minutes.

However, for actual recovery, I had to purchase the license of the software which bears a minimal cost. I immediately bought the full version of the software and recovered all the valuable pictures in just few minutes. One more thing which I would like to mention here about this software is that it has very intuitive user interface and simple recovery steps which does not require any training of the software or any kind of technical knowledge. In the end I would just like to thank Stellar Photo Recovery software for recovering the most memorable moments and thus saving my life!!!

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