How To Recover Lost And Deleted Photos

The number of users of digital camera has increased tremendously in couple of decades. The feature which adds popularity to digital camera is that we can view the images and videos soon after capturing and transfer them in our computers to share them with our friends and family over Internet. However, digital images are more prone to loss than traditional images due to various reasons like accidental deletion, virus infection, or improper handling. Hence, this generates the need of photo recovery software. Generally these three sources cause the digital photo loss:

  • Camera: Sometimes accidental deletion or software error in digital camera may cause photo loss directly from the camera.
  • Memory Card: Different from the film based cameras, digital cameras use memory cards to store the captured image and video. Sometimes improper removal or formatting of memory card causes photo loss.
  • Hard Drive or PC: The last but the most prominent source of photo loss is our Personal Computer (PC). Most of the times we transfer images from our digital camera to our PC to save them permanently. Sometimes, due to various reasons like virus infection, operating system malfunction, improper system shut down etc cause situation of photo loss.
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Whatever be the source of photo loss, you can always use a reliable photo recovery software to recover your lost photos. Stellar Photo Recovery is one of the software which gives you an assurance to recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos from all popular digital cameras, SD cards, external hard drives, laptops, desktops, USB drives, pen drives, memory cards, etc. The software is equipped to recover your lost photos and multimedia files from high-capacity hard drives that support up to 2 TB of data storage. Stellar Photo Recovery supports all popular digital photo file formats, including JPEG, Exif, RAW, GIF, PGM, JPG, BMP, TIF, DJVU, TGA, TGA, PGM, and PBM.

This software ensures maximum photo recovery from below mentioned situations:
  • Accidental deletion
  • Read/Write error
  • File system corruption
  • Intentional or unintentional formatting of media
  • Corruption or damage in the storage media
Let us have a glimpse of the steps which Stellar uses to recover deleted photos:
  • The user friendly GUI of this software makes it usable even by a person with less or zero technical knowledge.
  • The photo preview option of the software makes the user to get the fair idea of the file before it is actually saved.
  • The Save Scan option of this software lets you save the scanning result for later recovery.
  • The software also provides 'Selective Scan' and 'Event Log' feature for the advanced users.

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