How to Recover Photos/ Videos from Xiaomi Redmi Phone


Summary: The blog highlights the reasons that cause data loss in Xiaomi Redmi phone SD cards and describes the process to recover deleted or corrupt photos and video files from various models of Xiaomi Redmi using Stellar Photo Recovery tool.

If you are a Xiaomi Redmi user, you surely enjoy capturing lot of photographs and selfies from its camera which provides a high resolution output. The reason behind excellent precision of images and videos is the infrared sensors that the device integrates. It offers high quality images in the sunlight and at night. Another reason is the expandable 32 GB memory slot that allows you to capture and store a considerable number of images and videos, and that too, in high definition.

recover photos from xiaomi Redmi phone

About Xiaomi Redmi

Xiaomi Redmi 2 and Note 4G has made an inimitable entry in the smartphone arena and has become quite popular among worldwide users. However, despite offering a number of features with impeccable benefits, it exhibits problems while storing photos and videos securely. Indeed, you must be finding yourself in a situation where you may have accidentally deleted an image or a video, and began searching for it in different folders on your phone.

Since memory cards undergo several read/write operations, deletion or corruption of data is a common cause. Let’s look at the possible causes. Read more on dealing with SD card errors

  • Pulling out your SD card while it is connected to your Windows machine can cause data deletion
  • Unnecessary interference with the card while image or video upload or download is in progress
  • Ignoring memory card error messages such as ‘memory card full’ can result in the deletion of the stored data
  • Using a single memory card in different devices can cause unintentional deletion of images or other data
  • Inappropriate ejection of SD card from computer while it is connected via memory card reader
  • Improper handling of SD card can cause any physical or logical damage and this may lead to photo loss in due course of time

Though there is no quick-fix solution to this, yet you can employ Stellar Photo Recovery software to recover your photos successfully. This third-party photo recovery software can recover accidentally deleted video clips and image files from any type of corruption, accidental format, or unintentional deletion.

Recover Photos or Videos from Xiaomi Redmi Phone with Stellar Photo Recovery software

Follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install Stellar Photo Recovery software on your system
    Note: Ensure that the Xiaomi Redmi SD card is connected to your Windows machine on which the software is installed and the recovery procedure will be performed.
  2. On the software home screen, check in All multimedia files in What to Recover Click Next.
  3. Click on Advanced Settings option available within the tool for gaining access to extended features of the Windows photo recovery software
  4. In the Supported File Format tab of the Advanced Settings window, you will find different file format for video, audio, and image files. Select appropriate options by checking the associated checkboxes
  5. Alternatively, click on the Select Region tab to provide range for Starting Sector and Ending Sector and click on OK button
  6. Once, you select the required file formats and region from Advanced Settings window, click on Scan Now button to proceed further with photo or video recovery process
  7. The picture recovery software will then search for all the multimedia files stored in the Xiaomi Redmi SD card and scan each file to recover deleted data
  8. Once all the files are scanned from the selected SD card, they will get listed on the tool window
  9. Select the required image files and video clips from the enlisted items and then click on the Recover button

With this, the image recovery procedure is completed, and you can now view the recovered photos on your SD card. Read more to know image recovery from LG Optimus SD card


Before you begin with the recovery procedure, you must:

  • Ensure that no other applications are open on the mobile
  • Do not interfere while the image recovery operation is in process as it may lead to permanent data loss

Features & Benefits Offered by the Tool

Stellar’s photo recovery software offers various features and benefits while initiating the procedure to recover multimedia files:

  • It offers you with the option to pause the recovery process which you can resume any time later (when required)
  • It offers you with the option to change the view of the enlisted items to Icon view, Column view, and Cover Flow view while running the process to recover deleted pictures from Xiaomi Redmi phone.
  • It offers to scan selective files. Therefore, this feature saves time and renders faster recovery of items from your SD card
  • You can select to create a replica of your Xiaomi Redmi phone SD card by clicking on the Create Image option from the home screen of the software
  • When you select a particular region from the selected storage media, the software performs a quick recovery, therefore, saving on time.


The way forward

Since, Stellar Photo Recovery software can be installed on any machine running Windows 10, 8, 7 or lower versions, it is efficient enough to recover your deleted pictures from Xiaomi Redmi phone.  Also, it is recommended that you backup your Xiaomi Redmi SD card at regular intervals of time to avoid any data loss. Thus, if any error or issues exists and you encounter data loss, you can easily recover it from the backup with just a few clicks.


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