Kodak Camera Error – “Memory card cannot be read (please format card or insert another card)” – Solved!

Kodak SD card error recovery

While digital cameras come with some internal memory, it is limited. In order to capture and store a large number of photos, from a particular holiday or event, for instance, external storage devices like compact flash cards, memory cards, SD cards or microSD cards are required.

Imagine a situation where you capture some marvelous shots with your Kodak digital camera but at the end of the day, when you try to view those pictures, the camera’s LCD screen displays an error message saying, “Memory card cannot be read (please format card or insert another card)”. That would surely come as a shock! But, before you panic, let us assure you that this is a common error that happens to quite a few users. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of fixes that you can try out to rectify the Kodak camera errors and recover photos that are stored on the card.  Read more about dealing with SD card errors

Reasons behind the Kodak Camera error

Before we go to the solutions, finding out the causes behind this error would be worthwhile. For better or worse, this will help you avoid future possible occurrences of the same error. Let’s look at the main causes:

  • Removing the card while photos / videos are being saved or viewed
  • Removing the card while the camera is being turned off (waiting until the camera is switched off is recommended)
  • Removing the card while the camera is on (before removing the card you should switch off the camera)
  • Taking photos or viewing them if the battery of the camera is too low
  • Using a memory card that’s not from the same manufacturer as the camera or not from a reputed manufacturer
  • Physical damage to the memory card resulting from mishandling (keeping the memory card in its case when not being used is recommended)
  • Accidental deletion of data or unplanned formatting of the card

If your memory card has been subjected to any of the above mentioned situations, it may have suffered a damage, or worse, serious internal problems such as file system corruption.

Recover back photos from Kodak memory card after facing error

Below are the recommended solutions:

  1. Remove & Reinsert card

Turn off the camera, pull out the card and then re-insert it properly. Switch on the camera and see if the error appears again.

  1. Transfer data to the computer and then format the memory card

If there is data on the card that you wish to preserve, your first step should be to save it to the computer. To do this,

  1. Shut down the camera
  2. Remove the memory card
  3. Use a memory card reader to transfer the data on the card to your computer
  4. Re-insert the Kodak camera card into the camera and use the camera’s inbuilt format feature to format the card

Important! Formatting the memory card deletes all data on it including all pictures and videos (including the ones that are protected). Thus, save all the pictures to your computer before you format the card. Moreover, formatting the card in the camera instead of in the computer is recommended to preserve file structure and default settings.

Here’s how you can use Kodak’s inbuilt format feature to format a corrupted memory card:

  1. Insert the memory card in your Kodak camera and switch on the camera
  2. Go to Settings by either clicking on Menu -> Settings or tapping the Settings icon
  3. Select the option to Format
  4. Choose the option Memory Card
  5. Follow the subsequent instructions

Once the card is formatted, the error should not appear.

  1. Upgrade camera firmware

If your camera cannot format the card, the firmware might need an upgrade. Check Kodak support page for information on this.

  1. Check Image Storage settings

Check if the camera’s Image Storage settings are set to Internal Memory. If they are, the camera won’t read the memory card properly.

Recommended Solution

If none of the above solutions work, the only way you can salvage your photos from the memory card would be through third-party photo recovery software.

We recommend using Stellar Photo Recovery. This proficient product helps in recovering lost photos and media files from internal and external drives, memory cards, and digital cameras. With the capability to restore photos with their original file names, Stellar Photo Recovery is your best shot at recovering deleted, formatted, or inaccessible photos. Download the software now!

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The final word

We hope our helpful pointers will help you deal with unexpected Kodak memory card errors. Keep the causes for this error in mind in order to prevent it from occurring in the first place. And always backup important photos to avoid data loss and Kodak Camera Errors.

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