How To Fix a Nikon Camera and Recover Pictures that says lens error on screen.


Nikon cameras are rich in features and provide you with a wide range of options – sharp videos, crisp images, life-like colors and high-resolution lenses, etc. which are the few top tuned features on any Nikon camera.

However, they are not without their glitches such as:Lens error. Though they appear with different codes and titles in different cameras, but the issue is one and the same. The Lens get stuck, jammed, or it simply freezes the image for a few seconds and prompts you to restart the camera. What can be their possible fixes?Fix Nikon Error which says lens error


The reason behind camera lens error is the interruption in the working of the lens due to particles like dust, sand, grit, or even dropping of the camera. Let’s look at how we can fix lens error on Nikon cameras:


The foremost thing is to clean the lenses. Owing to accumulation of any particle between the lens and its contacts, the lens may not move and shows an error.

Below are the preventive measures:

  1. Use a fine fibre cloth to clean the lens.
  2. Clean the lens. You can even blow dry the lens, but don’t let air come in contact with lens directly. Lens is fragile and hence, you need to handle them carefully.
  3. Once you’ve cleaned the lens, switch the camera on and check if the error persists.


It might happen that the lens shows an error due to the interruption in extending of the lens, as the batteries went dead. In this situation, remove the batteries and replace them with new fully charged batteries. Switch on the camera and try to take a picture.

If you’re using a rechargeable battery, consider buying new ones, as old ones might not now work and provide enough power to start the lens.

Now, you may get an error again. In this case, press and hold the Menu, Function or Ok button and restart the camera. Keep it pressed while the camera turns on.

If this does not work for your Nikon, then:

  1. Remove the SD card from the camera
  2. Next insert a new pair of batteries and switch the camera on. You will receive an error of the Memory Card.
  3. Switch off the camera and place the Memory Card again. Switch on the camera.
  4. Take a picture to know if there is still any problem with the lens.

Audio/ Video Cable:

An Audio/ Video or AV cable is usually accompanied with the camera on the purchase. Take that cable and insert it in the AV input slot on your Nikon camera. This cable is to ensure that the LCD will remain switched off during the start process and hence, the lens of the camera gets extra power during startup. This extra energy is helpful in removing grits or dust or any such particles that are blocking the lens. Unplug this cable after a minute and try to switch the camera on.

Use the following steps if the above method does not serve the purpose:

  1. Keep the AV cable plugged in.
  2. Place the camera on a flat surface pointing to the roof.
  3. Press and hold the “Shutter Down” button. With this, press “Power on” button too.
  4. This will set the lens to autofocus mode, and it will try to extend.
  5. Keep it on for few seconds.
  6. Turn it off and turn it on again.
  7. Try to capture an image.

In addition to the above, you can remove particles from the lens using pins or any similar tool. However, try those methods only if you’re sure about the potential risks involved in trying those methods on the lens as it may damage your lens and camera.

On the contrary, if you’ve already tried every possible method and still there is no solution, then I would recommend using Stellar Photo Recovery tool. They will aid you in recovering your important photos and videos directly from the camera.

Stellar Photo Recovery software can be connected directly to the camera. It supports almost all make and model of camera. Not only does it support recovering RAW images, but also can recovers files like PCT, PSP, JPEG, TIFF, of all the brands including Nikon, Samsung, Pentax, Sony, Kodak, Epson, Fuji, etc. Apart from photos, Stellar Photo Recovery tool can also recover entirely deleted, or lost music and video files.

The way forward:

As mentioned above, there are only two manual methods to fix the lens error in Nikon cameras. And if you can’t fix it yourself, you then definitely need to get it repaired from the Nikon Service Centers. Resorting to other methods of using pins, thudding, or stabbing may damage your Nikon, therefore, it’s better to leave the camera in the hands of professionals for repair. And if all else fails, Stellar Photo Recovery tool is the go-to software.

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