Recover Olympus Digital Camera ORF files

Summary: An introduction to Olympus digital camera ORF file format is given along with the reasons that make them inaccessible. Apart from this, professional solution to recover Olympus Digital Camera ORF files is provided with a step-by-step recovery procedure. The blog also describes the tips to avoid RAW ORF photo loss from Olympus digital camera.

Recover Olympus Digital Camera ORF files

Being in a situation where you are not able to access images captured recently is exasperating. The photos stored on your Olympus digital camera suddenly turning inaccessible and it was tough to find out an efficient solution. Under such circumstances, it is important to understand that the deleted files were RAW images.

Olympus digital cameras use ORF as uncompressed and unprocessed RAW image format.  after that, the images got accidentally deleted while accessing them on camera or transferring them to the system. Even these may be possible reasons, however, let’s look into the recovery process.

More about RAW ORF Files

ORF files are created when all data is recorded from the sensor to give high-quality output. You can after that process these unprocessed files as per your own preferences. You can adjust brightness, saturation, hue, contrast, exposure, and other attributes.

Sometimes, the RAW ORF files get deleted accidentally or formatted unintentionally and thereafter it becomes important to search for the solution that possesses the ability to recover Olympus Digital Camera ORF files format.

Now, the question arises, what to do when ORF files are formatted from Olympus camera. But before implementing a recovery solution, it is important to understand the real reason behind ORF image loss.

  • Since ORF images accumulate more space on storage media, chances are that you may have deleted some of the files mistakenly
  • Olympus digital camera memory card may have turn corrupt or physically damaged due to virus attack or malware interruptions
  • Due to inappropriately removing the memory card from camera or computer, the image may have deleted or turned unreadable
  • When you continue shooting videos or capturing images while the battery of Olympus digital camera is low
  • If you try to open Olympus unprocessed ORF file format on computer directly, it might turn unreadable
  • The ORF file can turn corrupted while you try to convert it to JPEG or PNG file formats. This may affect the overall structure of the files
  • When header of the ORF files is modified, the image becomes inaccessible. You will require employing ORF file recovery software

Apart from the above mentioned RAW ORF corruption and damage reasons, there are other technical factors as well that makes the Olympus digital camera images unreadable. However, whatever the reason is, the corrupt and deleted files need to be repaired. Based on the volume and type of corruption, it is important to employ an efficient tool accordingly.

How to Select ORF File Recovery Software?

While selecting any software for Olympus image recovery, it is important to check for the following criteria:

  • The software must support recovery of ORF images, the unprocessed image files captured by Olympus digital camera
  • Software must be able to recover all deleted image files and restore it in the original format and structure
  • The interface of the image recovery app must be user-centric with self-explained functional procedure
  • It must possess the capability to handle all sorts of photo corruption including lower and higher level damage
  • Any logical and physical damage to the image files must be resolved
  • It must allow selecting desired photos for recovery to initiate quick and time-saving image retrieval process

Stellar Photo Recovery is a professional ORF image recovery software that fulfils all the features mentioned above. It is a comprehensive application that helps recover all multimedia files including images, videos and audio clips. In addition, the tool offers a couple of exclusive features that make it scalable among end-users.

Let’s look at the Olympus RAW ORF Image Recovery process:

  1. Run Stellar Photo Recovery software for making the files accessible
  2. On software home screen, check in All multimedia files in What to Recover Click Next.
  3. Select the removable media or drive from where you want to recover.
  4.  Go to Advance Settings on the top left corner.
  5. In the Advanced Settings window that appears, click on the ORF file format to instruct the software for intended recovery

Note: If you fail to find the Olympus RAW files (ORF) file format, you can search for it in the panel

  1. After selecting the Olympus RAW file format, click on Scan button.
  2. The tool will display the selected folder in the left panel and the corresponding files in the right pane
  3. Select the images that need to be repaired by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes
  4. After selecting the image files for recovery, click on the Recover button

A little bit of consideration while accessing, copying or transferring ORF files from Olympus digital camera to the Olympus Viewer on the computer may prevent file corruption.

  • Do not interfere with the memory card or the computer while transferring images to one another
  • Never eject the Olympus digital camera memory card inappropriately from the computer or laptop
  • Never open an ORF file on your system as it is only accessible on Olympus digital camera. To access the Olympus RAW ORF image files on the computer, make sure that Olympus Viewer or Adobe Photoshop is installed on the system. After opening the ORF files on the given apps, you can convert them to JPEG file format.
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