How to recover Videos lost from FlyWire Wearable Camera

You love your FlyWire wearable camera when it comes to capturing those angles, which could be almost impossible to get with a normal camera. Literally worn on your body attached with pair of glasses, helmet, shirt or belt, FlyWire wearable cameras are the best choice to shoot while skating, playing games, scuba diving, or sky diving etc.

The hands-free camera can also give the view as the wearer sees. Thus, FlyWire is also popularly used to make Point of View (POV) videos for trainings, such as surgeries, lab experiments, cooking recipe for YouTube etc.

Howsoever, these miniature cameras are not free from technical hiccups. Slight carelessness in handling the camera can delete its stored HD videos.

Why you lost videos from Flywire camera

FlyWire wearable camera records videos in high definition 1080p and saves them in microSD card. Since microSD card is prone to corruption or damage, it is very easy to lose videos saved on it. Most of the time the reason for FlyWire video loss is due to improper handling of the camera or SD card.

Common causes of video loss from FlyWire camera

  • Accidental deletion of media files
  • Virus infection in the microSD card
  • Formatting of microSD card
  • Taking visuals when the FlyWire camera has low battery
  • Continue saving videos when the card storage shows full
  • Taking out the card when the camera is turned on
  • Using the same microSD card in different devices without formatting
  • Improper insertion or ejection of card from camera or other device
  • Removing microSD card from computer/camera while its files are open
  • Sudden power cut or hasty removal of microSD card during transfer of files

How to recover lost or deleted videos from FlyWire Wearable Camera?

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The efficient and assured way to recover FlyWire HD videos is through a trusted wearable camera recovery software. Pick a software that supports wearable camera video formats and storage cards. One of the advanced Stellar Photo Recovery is an efficient tool to recover videos from formatted and corrupt SD cards of wearable cameras. You can easily retrieve FlyWire videos saved but lost from internal/ external HDDs, USB drives, SD card, SDXC, SDHC, and pen drives.

The DIY software not just recovers from FlyWire but also supports other wearable cameras such as GoPro Hero 6, Wolfcom Venture, SereneLife HD, iON SnapCam, and Mecam Classic, among others.

Why Stellar Photo Recovery is apt for FlyWire videos

  • Very easy to recover in just three steps – Scan, Recover and Save
  • Recovers from inaccessible, severely corrupt, formatted, virus infected microSD cards of any brand
  • Supports recovery of 1080p HD videos of FlyWire
  • Maintains original quality of videos after recovery
  • Restores multiple videos in one go
  • Restores videos with original date and timestamp

Steps to recover videos from

  1. Connect the micro SD card to computer
  2. Launch Stellar Photo Recovery Software
  3. Check in videos in What to Recover window
  4. Select location from which you want to recover FlyWire videos and click on Scan
  5. Click Recover
  6. List of found files appears. Preview them and Save at a desired location

Dos’ to protect your FlyWire videos from loss

  • Turn off FlyWire camera to remove microSD card
  • If using DVR to transfer videos, carefully unmount microSD card from DVR
  • Eject microSD card from computer by selecting the SD card icon and then clicking ‘Eject’ in the drop down menu
  • Do not shoot when FlyWire battery is low
  • Do not ignore microSD card warnings such as ‘Memory is full’
  • Regularly copy and save FlyWire videos to computer. Then format microSD card before using again
  • Avoid use of Flywire card in multiple devices.
  • Always maintain multiple backups of wearable camera videos

Wrapping Up

Wearable cameras are the future. However, comes with them are the inevitable video loss situations. The best way to avoid loss and protect your FlyWire videos is to follow the above practices. Nevertheless, in case of loss, rely on advanced Stellar Photo Recovery software. The software is complete safe to download and is popularly used to recover lost FlyWire camera videos. It is a quick and easy way to get back lost FlyWire videos.

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