How to recover deleted photos from Leica camera

leica camera recovery

Picture this: you return from a memorable trip in the lap of nature and you’ve clicked about a thousand photos. You’re pretty happy with your creativity and immediately want to check how the photos look on your HDTV. You connect your Leica camera to your HDTV but see the message, “No pictures found”. You disconnect and reconnect the camera to the television; still nothing. Then you try it on your laptop too and still can’t see a single photo. And then the panic hits you. The realization that you might have suffered a rather saddening data loss after going at lengths to capture some of your best shots could be heartbreaking.

However, we’ve brought pleasing news for you if you’re in such a situation. You might not be able to see them currently, but your Leica camera photos might very well still be on the memory card. All you need is the proper photo recovery software to regain access to them. We are going to discuss about how to recover deleted photos from Leica camera.

Reasons for photo loss from a Leica Camera

Before we move on to discover the right tools for photo recovery from Leica Camera, it is important to know what reasons may cause the said data loss from the camera in the first place. There are various reasons which could prove fatal:

  • Accidentally pressing the “Delete-All” button
  • Leica camera SD card reformat
  • Memory card error
  • Leica camera failure after water damage, lens error etc
  • Turning of the memory card into RAW format, or turning of files on Leica camera into shortcuts after virus infection

The above reasons appear scary enough to put you into jitters. But don’t worry the subsequent section covers powerful tools to revive your photos from their inaccessible state.

leica camera recovery

How to retrieve deleted photos from Leica camera

As mentioned at an earlier point, photos that cannot be seen on the camera are not actually deleted. They’re still there but the memory occupied by them is marked “fit for overwriting”. Hence if in such a situation, probably the best thing you can do is NOT clicking any new photos. You should in fact immediately stop using the Leica camera to avoid any new data to overwrite the previous photos.

Then download Stellar Photo Recovery (Windows or Mac) depending on whether you’re using a Windows or Mac machine. Install the software and follow the steps mentioned below to smoothly recover your deleted photos from Leica camera:

  1. Connect your camera or memory card to your PC

Run the software to see its main interface. Select All multimedia files in What to Recover window. Click Next. On the next screen, you’ll be able to see your camera or memory card listed as logical drive among other drives on the PC. Select the appropriate drive.

 2. Scan and Preview Files

Once the drive is selected, click on the “Scan Now” button to instantly start the scanning. If you want to customize your scanning options with filters like file type (photo, video, audio etc) or Camera type (in this case, you can mention Leica), you can click on the “Advanced Scan” button.

Once the scanning starts, you’ll be able to track it through a progress bar on the next page. Recoverable media discovered by the software will be listed in tree-view fashion within the left-hand pane of the software’s interface. You can select and preview files by right clicking on them individually.

3. Recover deleted Photos.

Once you’ve previewed the files you wish to recover and are satisfied, you buy the full license of the software and click on the “Recover” button to start the recovery process. On doing so you’ll be prompted to choose a target location for saving your files. Enter the location and watch your recovered photos being saved.

Final Words

That’s it; the simplest way to recover deleted photos from your Leica camera. We’re sure the next time you face a similar situation you’ll know how to recover deleted photos without any hassle.


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