How to do a factory reset on your android phone?

android factory reset

There can be sometime the need may arise when you want to wipe your phone’s data completely. In such case a factory reset will be required. While many of us are well aware of the term and the procedure, few are quite unknown to the procedure of factory resetting your android phone.

When to do a Factory Reset?

There can be n number of reasons when a person wants to reset or complete wipe his/her phone. He may want to sell off his phone, donate, phone is not booting properly, due to some malfunctioning, needs a fresh start, etc. But one never wants to compromise on his privacy. This is the reason why people wants a complete “erase” on their phone so that their existing data can never be retrieved back by any means.

The first and foremost thing which should be kept in mind that the residing data must be BACKED UP before you run any factory reset on your phone otherwise you may not recover your data anyhow later on.

Methods to reset an Android Phone

  1. From Settings menu
  2. From Recovery menu


Steps to factory reset from Settings menu

  1. Open the settings options on your mobile phone. The options may vary depending upon  your phone
  2. From the settings menu, press the privacy option and then “factory Reset”.
  3. In some phone, press the “Backup and reset” option under settings menu and scroll down to “Factory Reset”
  4. This option wipes or erases completely your internal storage i.e all types of data including your login information, apps, system and app data, settings or everything which is residing inside your phone’s internal memory.
  5. After prompting for a final confirmation, it deletes everything from your phone and restore it to factory settings


Steps to factory reset from Recovery menu


  1. It is important to shut down the phone completely before performing factory reset from recovery menu. If however, anyhow you are not able to shut down your phone then you can just take out the battery from your phone
  2. Press and hold the recovery button for few seconds (the buttons may vary depending on your button)
  3. Browse search engine to find out the recovery mode for your phone


Volume Up + Home + Power

Volume Down + Power

Home + Power


  1. Now once the recovery menu comes up, you may navigate across using the volume buttons. The factory reset mode varies from phone to phone.
  2. After prompting for a confirmation, your entire phone’s data will be wiped and just cannot be recovered.


Ways to reset your phone without losing default settings


In certain phones, you can just factory reset your phone without losing important information like contacts, app data or login account credentials already stored on your data . In such case, follow these steps.


  1. Scroll down to “Backup and Reset” option under settings menu
  2. Then select the “Reset Settings” options
  3. After a confirmation prompt, your device will be reset to factory default settings and the default information are not deleted ( app data, personal login credentials, language, security settings etc.)


Few Handy Tips

  1. It is recommended to back up your data with some device or sync your data with cloud before performing factory reset
  2. Different phones have slightly different terms and menu options.
  3. To resolve some minor issues, first try to switch off and switch on the phone after a certain time interval. Also sometimes removing and reinserting the battery again can also resolve few minor issues.



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