Fix “Unable to display” images error in Sony

Summary: The blog throws some light on one of the most common errors i.e. “unable to display” image error. It provides some precautionary measures with some step-by-step procedures to fix “unable to display” image error and suggests a reliable solution to avoid such situations in future.

Over the past few years, the landscape of photography has changed drastically. Be it a professional photographer or a freelancer or just a photography enthusiasts (like you and me), we just love to capture moments which pass unremarkably and leaves us in a blissful state.

Photos seem to have little importance at the time of capturing; but, gradually with time, it becomes one of our most cherished obsession as it reminds us of people we met and the places once we knew. Images are small pieces of the jigsaw which, on a whole, are a part of a bigger picture and also, a part of our legacy.

Chandler Bing, a student by day and a freelance photographer by night undertook a pre-wedding shoot project. Having a penchant for photography; therefore, he thought to bring in some extra cash plus. Moreover, he will get to know more about the photography subject and something he could mention on his resume. Everything went fine, he captured some jaw-dropping photos and when the delivery time was due something went wrong, he was unable to access the images. Every time he tried to access the images, the screen displayed “unable to display” image error.

Sounds familiar? You may have been in the same situation every other day. Having no idea as to what went wrong and why your device is unable to display the image. Most probably, the fault could be on the SD card which leads to the image error and it is imperative to fix “unable to display” image error to regain your access to the images.

 “Unable to display” image? These could be the reasons

Before that, let’s have a look at some of the causes of this error.

  • Virus intrusion which is hindering the functionality of the device
  • Inappropriate insertion/ejection of the memory card
  • Interference while the memory card is in use
  • Stuffing the card beyond the prescribed limit
  • Using the card on multiple devices

As you are now familiar with what went wrong and why you’re unable to view your pics, there are some step-by-step procedures which you can follow to recover the in-accessible images.

Safeguard your images: Follow these quick steps:

  1. Capture new images: From your SONY device and check if same is the issue while viewing them. If you’re unable to view the newly captured images, then format the SD card or your device may be, else, there’s no such issue with the new images, then older images are corrupt. You can use a photo repair software like Stellar  JPEG Repair to fix the corrupt images and fix “Unable to display” image error.

Still struggling!!! Then follow the next step.

  1. Editing Applications: Editing Applications are the cynosure of everyone’s eyes and why not as they make an ordinary image look extraordinary. You can export the image to PNG or JPEG or BMP file format, try to open the image and then save it to the desired location.

If you use a drawing tool, there is a probability that you’re adding new information and destroying the old one and there might be a modification in the pixels as well.

  1. Format the SD card: Simply transfer the files from the SD card to the PC and then format the card. After formatting the card, reload the files and check whether now you’re able to view the images or not.

Important: Format the SD card in the device itself (smartphone or camera) and not with the format option of Computer.

Still no help!!! Proceed with the next step

  1. Reset the applications: To reset applications follow this step:
  • On the Home screen, select Settings < Apps
  • Tap the options and select Reset App Preferences

It may fix “Unable to display” image error. Check for the same and if not successful, go to the next step.

Important: Reset Application Preferences does not delete any data from your device.

  1. Clear Data for Album Applications:
  • On the Home Screen of your device, tap the Applications screen icon.
  • Tap Settings < Apps < All
  • Under All, select Albums and then select Clear Data
  • After applying the changes, Restart the device
  • Now, open the images that were previously unable to display and save them to the specific location

Even after following these quick steps you’re unable to fix “Unable to display” image error, then using a professional photo recovery software is the only last option you’re left with. Stellar Photo Recovery efficiently recovers all your images irrespective of the file format and the storage media.

Coherently recover images with Stellar Photo Recovery

  1. Connect the card or the drive to the computer.
  2. Download and launch Stellar Photo Recovery on your computer
  3. On the software home screen, check in All multimedia files in What to Recover Click Next.
  4. Select the removable media or drive from where you want to recover. Click Scan
  5. List of found photos, videos, and music files appears. Preview and click Recover
  6. Browse location to save the recovered files. Click Start Saving.

In these simple steps, you can recover all your multimedia files and fix “Unable to display” image error quite easily. The DIY software makes the recovery process simpler for people with minimal technical expertise.

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In a nutshell
Through images and photos, we share our emotions with others and helps us to see the world from a different perspective. However, there are some unavoidable reasons which make the images inaccessible and may run error messages every time we access them.
To cope up with such situations, we have some step-by-step procedures which are quite helpful but only to an extent as they have threshold too, beyond which they are incapable of recovering the photos. This is where Stellar  Photo Recovery emerges as a reliable solution. No technical expertise, no prerequisites required, no time-consuming process just a few clicks and the software recovers all your images. So, capture more share more, as you have got a backup.

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