Deleted Pictures and Video Files from External Hard Drive? Find your solutions!

External Hard Drive Recovery

External hard drives are used for transferring data from one computer to another. These hard drives are used for backup of the valuable photos, videos, music and other user documents. If we need to save or retrieve the data from the external hard drive, we need to have an USB port, which is connected with the hard drive.

The data from the external hard drives are lost due to corruption, deletion of data, accidental formatting of the drive. Subsequently, there is a data loss situation that is generated. When this hard drive is being attached in the network and also when data is transferred from one computer to another, these situations cannot be anticipated. There are professional software which are useful to recover deleted pictures  and videos.

Corruption Of Data

The portability of the system can cause corruption of the data.

Deletion Of Data


Normal Deletion

 There are two types of deletion, which can happen. These are intentionally deleting photos and videos and other when the files are deleted accidentally.

When the user, decides to delete some pictures and videos from this external drive , and then all of a sudden realizes that some of them are needed back.

Accidental Deletion Of Files

The user in this kind of situation, ideally wants to remove some unnecessary photos and in this process, deletes some important files as well, by accidentally pressing the delete button. If the user gets distracted, even in the slightest way, this accidental deletion can occur.

What happens When The Multimedia Files Are Deleted ?

The deleted file, if not permanently deleted, still resides in the Mac Trash or the Recycle Bin of the hard drive. So, the deleted photos can be recovered from the Recycle Bin. But, here, the user could not locate some of deleted photos from the external hard drive.

The reason for this is that the files which are deleted from any externally connected device are not kept in the Recycle Bin or the Trash, but are permanently deleted. This will also happen, even when just the delete option is pressed.

The solution lies, in such a scenario in using a Photo Recovery Tool. The Photo recovery software is equipped with a powerful scanning algorithm, for scanning and to recover deleted videos and photos.

Accidental Formatting

This type of fatal mistake can be done by the user, even when the user is unaware of the procedure to reformat the external hard drive.

Recovery Of Deleted Photos and Video Files From The External Hard Drive

The Stellar Photo Recovery software can recover deleted pictures, videos, music and other files, both from the external as well as the internal drives. It is a digital recovery tool, which can also recover the HD mov files and also other multimedia files. The software will be able to recover deleted videos, photos and other files from corrupt as well as formatted storage media.

It can support some of the most commonly used image formats like JPEG, BMP. Mamiya (MOS, MEF), Paint Shop Pro Image File (PSP), Picture File (PCT) and TIFF and GIFF. The formats of the supported video files are MP4, AVI, MPEG, 3 GP and many others.

After the scanning of these files, a preview option will allow the viewing of the scanned files. There are three types of view options, which are ‘Cover Flow View’, ‘Thumbnail View’, or ‘List View’. The selected media is scanned for the recovery operation and then the tree list is generated.

The software comes with an advanced scan option , so that selected region or volume of the disk can only be scanned. The scanning can also be done with the selection of file types.

So hopefully, you have found the solution to recover deleted pictures and video files from External Hard Drive!


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