15 Common Photo Editing Mistakes and ways to fix

2018 is almost round the corner, and indeed you all must be geared up with your plans to bid goodbye 2017. But are you really ready to click beautiful memories and flaunt new eve celebration? Perhaps, Yes; with smart Editing tools, as available in the market.

Go ahead but make sure you are aware of Photography and Editing DIY Hacks. This article has something to unveil about Photography and editing which might help you make your pictures classic and fabulous. Following post uncovers common photography and editing mistakes that you encounter and repent later. Have a look at these 15 Common Photo Editing Mistakes in detail. This also briefs you following:

  • When It Happens
  • Why It Happens
  • Ways to Avoid
  • Way to Fix
Photo Editing Mistake When It Happen Why It Happen Ways to Avoid
Making skin plastic



While smoothening skin feature and getting perfect appearance Due to over-editing


·  Take it slow

·   Don’t work on the original image


Making picture unnatural, blur, and inadequate color-contrasting While making picture more classic Due to hell lot of edits


·  Do only required edits


Cropping and editing picture beyond requirement While setting up picture-perfect click Cropping and editing without understanding the needs ·  Understand the desired element

·   Make sure to choose the desired photo application

·   Don’t crop the original image


Making picture surreal While making picture professional and top-rated Due to improper usage of the layer as well as action techniques ·   Understand action and layer technique

·   Apply Professional Techniques


Making photo weak and unprofessional While making picture crisp and appealing Due to selective coloring ·  Do not pop technique without understanding its impact
Making picture unnatural and low-quality addition While making background crisp with perfect fade Due to over editing or adding or filtering, color contrast, etc. ·   Set the right amount of light during click

·  Use appropriate editing tool

Formation of indistinct image While making picture more crisp and clear Due to over usage of editing option, use of new tools without proper knowledge ·  Learn about the desired editing program prior to usage
Making photo muddy grey  While making perfect black & white picture or enhancing the detail


Due to addition of muddy colors to black and white ·  Don’t add muddy colors
Creation of unrealistic view While adjusting shadows and colors Due to blurred colors and overlapped shadow


·   Understand the curves

·  Learn about layer

·  Create contrast within photo only

Creation of muddy photo While trying to get perfect monochrome effect Due to overdoing or usage of improper tones  ·  Scale down as little as possible

·  Say No to  Deep Sepia tones

Makes picture look like another planet creature


While getting perfect sparkling eye Due to overdoing ·  Do less to get natural look

·  Keep it simple

Making photo fake and weird


While making teeth bright and pearly white Due to over-whitening ·  Do less to avoid making it a focal point
Making picture useless While trying to extract or fit the desired photo Due to apparent cutouts as well as jagged edges ·   Try and create the photo during capturing moment

·   Do it only if you have taken picture using a green screen or other required props

Making picture strange


While creating a realistic photo effect Due to usage of too much texture ·  Use texture when required

·  Use neat features as well as textures


Formation of an average photo While adding HDR effects and creating artistic image Due to improper set up of camera   ·   Set the camera right


With that said, now you must have covered the first three points without any hassle. Now, let’s talk about the last point— How to fix the Image that gets corrupt or damage due to Editing mistake? The strategic and straightforward approach to fix is to employ a JPEG Repair tool as this method is software-directed, free from manual intervention, and does not involve data loss risk. Most importantly, all photos are in JPEG file-extension by default.

Moving forward, technocrats recommended software to fix the issue is Stellar JPEG Repair. Easy-to-use interface, fast processing, and improved scan engine are some of its key traits. Try the free-of-cost Demo version to evaluate its features, capabilities, and functionality.


Editing requires a bit of management practice and expertise to create a professional picture. These common mistakes occur as actions take place without proper understanding or overuse. This, as a result, either damages or corrupts the image and eventually generates a call for third-party repair tool to fix the issue. Thus, read the guide and learn how to avoid and fix the common errors to kick-start your new year with superb experience instead of surreal and unprofessional pictures.

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