The Best SD Cards for Photography

Not only cameras but also SD Memory Cards form an important part of modern day photography. This is because they play a significant role in storing photos as well as videos captured by digital cameras. The best SD cards for photography are the ones that perform remarkably well in the camera; the performance, in turn, depends on factors such as write speed, read speed, warranty, reliability, etc. Here, through this blog, we bring to you some of the best SD memory cards available for photography this year and explain to you as to why they are the photographers’ best choice.

If you are looking for photographers’ best choice in SD cards, refer to the table below:

Memory Card Warranty Write(MB/s) Read(MB/s) Buy
Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II U:3 Lifetime 284.6 279.9 Yes
Transcend Ultimate UHS-II U:3 Lifetime 230.4 281.5 Yes
Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II U:3 5 years 221.9 257.1 Yes
Delkin Devices Cinema UHS-II U:3 Lifetime 222.4 255.7 Yes
Samsung PRO + UHS-I U:3 10 years 87.15 96.75 Yes
Integral Ultima Pro-X2 UHS-II U:3 5 years 79.44 210.8 Yes
Kingston 600x UHS-I U:3 Lifetime 79.93 97.54 Yes
Sony M UHS-II U:3 5 years 73.51 169.3 Yes

The above table enlists the 8 best SD memory cards available for purchase. They have been enlisted in the table so that you can easily compare them. The table displays the performance of SD cards based on parameters such as warranty, write speed, and read speed. The ‘reliability’ factor has been avoided because it takes time for the cards to fail and hence cannot be determined for new memory cards. Nonetheless, reliability also comes with the brand name, and that is why SD Cards from brands such as Samsung, Kingston, Toshiba, Delkin, Lexar, and Transcend have been included. The one with the fastest write & read speed among the eight, and lifetime warranty i.e. Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II U:3 has been sorted and placed at the top of the table.

The SD Cards having write speed from 73.51 MB/s to 284.6 MB/s have been included as these speed fall within the standard range. It is 284.6 MB/s for the Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II U:3, 230.4 MB/s for the Transcend Ultimate UHS-II U:3, 221.9MB/s for Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II U:3, 222.4 MB/s for Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II U:3. Further, for Samsung PRO + UHS-I U:3 it is 87.15 MB/s, for Kingston 600x UHS-I U:3 it is 79.93 MB/s, for Integral Ultima Pro-X2 UHS-II U:3 it is 79.44 MB/s, whereas for Sony M UHS-II U:3 it is 73.51 MB/s.

As the ‘write speed’ of these SD Cards mentioned in the table fall within the standard range, the rate at which the photos and videos can be written on to them after they are captured with the camera is high. Had the ‘write speed’ been low, the shot-to-shot time and the number of photos that you as a photographer could write to the card would be significantly low. Therefore, they can be considered as some of the best SD Cards for photography.

An important note – The speed of the camera should be high and match the high writing speed of the SD card used in the camera. The reason being, if a camera has a slow transfer speed and a high write-speed, the SD card will not be of much use. Thus, the slow speed of the camera can be a limiting factor.

Next, these SD Cards also have standard ‘read speed’ ranging from 281.5 MB/s to 96.75 MB/s. The high read speed of these SD cards ensures that you can access the photos or videos quickly, as well as transfer them to any other storage devices such as a PC in a short span of time.

In addition to the write and read speed, the warranty period of all these SD Cards is also standard; none of them has a warranty below five years and extends up to lifetime. In fact, the SD Cards that have been projected here as the best ones have a warranty of 5 years, ten years, and lifetime. Also, they are available at nominal charges and hence does not prove to be heavy on your pockets.

All the eight enlisted memory cards are the photographers’ best choice in SD cards. Nonetheless, let’s compare the price for their different card sizes or data storage capacity to identify the economically best size to buy though we know that 64 GB is the standard size. The reason being, the pricing of SD Cards is yet another important factor that can affect photography. It should not be too high, but then it is pointless to compromise good quality SD Cards simply for the high price.

Below is the SD Cards price list as per GB:

Memory Card Price (128GB) Price (64GB) Price (32GB)
Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II U:3 $341.99 $136.99 $82.99
Transcend Ultimate UHS-II U:3 Any $69.99 $44.99
Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II U:3 $699.99 $499.99 $179.99
Samsung PRO + UHS-I U:3 $ 89.99 $ 49.99 $ 24.99
Sony M UHS-II U:3 $89.95 $52.79 $34.99
Kingston 600x UHS-I U:3 NA NA NA
Integral Ultima Pro-X2 UHS-II U:3 12.42$ 19.49$ NA
Samsung PRO + UHS-I U:3 24.49$ 59.99$ NA
Delkin Devices Cinema UHS-II U:3 61.86$ NA NA

The above table enlists the price of 4 best memory cards based on the card size. You can easily compare the price and get the one that best fits your need. Despite these SD Cards being the best suited for photography, you can also experience data loss situations due to deletion of the photos and video, or corruption issues in the memory cards themselves.

What do you do when you experience data loss situations due to loss of the photos and videos?

Download Picture Recovery Software to recover your photos or videos which you accidentally deleted, or became inaccessible due to logical damage in the SD memory cards. There are several reasons as to why this software is suggested. Its Do-it-yourself interface requires just a few clicks to complete the recovery process, provides enhanced support for FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS file system, and reinstates data with original formatting. Additionally, it can scan devices having the storage capacity of 2 Terabytes.  Moreover, as it is available for both Windows and Mac platforms, you can recover the photos on either depending upon your choice.

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 The necessity of SD cards for your sophisticated cameras cannot be denied as they form an integral part of your high-end cameras. Today, with more and more consumers looking for high-speed and reliable SD cards, the capabilities of SD cards have increased considerably

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